Wednesday, April 1, 2009

End of March weekend and walking

So on the bike front, turns out the frame is cracked and needs to be replaced. I'm working on that. But Dad is OK so that is good.

The weekend was good. I worked a bunch on nights last week to help get ready for the competiton that was at the gym. On Saturday morning I went for a ride with Chris and Joanna around their house. In the afternoon Linda competed in the competition and Lance said she climbed really well except for the grabbing of quickdraws when she got nervous.

On Sunday Chris and I made it back out to Socorro with Jesse so we could finish up the project on North Wall. After a quick warm up on the Bankruptsy Wall which was pretty bad we headed over to North Wall. The wal was surprisingly calm considering how windy it was in the canyon. I headed up with the stick clip to hang the draws and move the 7th bolt while also brushing the holds. Chris then gave it a run and did it with hangs on the 5th and 6th bolts. Then it was my turn and I managed to pull through for the send on what was my 3rd try, 2 from the previous day. Chris took a few more go's to clip the chains but managed to do the route later in the afternoon.

While we were out climbing Linda was home with Dylan. So they went to the park both before and after his nap. There was a slight accident, Dylan really enjoys the slide and Linda was encouraging him to go down sitting up, which he has done before but always with someone catching him at the bottom. Well Linda did not catch him on this occasion and he planted. Just a little something to supplement his tough guy image.

But he is still perfectly happy and enjoys carrying stuff around in his Zoo Happy Meal pail that Popo and Yeah-Yeah got for him when they were in town.

On another note, I keep telling Dylan that he is a little chunker or that he got an extra serving of chubbies. Linda thinks this is going to make him self-concious which I think is rediculous.
.....On the other hand, maybe she is right, he does spend a fair bit of time on the scale.

Here is a little video of how the walking is going.
Pretty good for only a few weeks and he really has not wrecked hard yet, though I'm sure that is coming.
Anyway, we are off to see Linda's family this weekend in Austin then next weekend we're headed to Hueco with a bunch of folks so we have a pretty full schedule.

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