Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tax week and weekend

Well it's been some interesting times since our trip to Hueco.

We found out that it snowed in ABQ Easter morning which is weird and then again on Friday. I took Dylan out to play in it and he loved it, waving his hands around at the big fat snow flakes. What is going on, snow twice in April and once after taxes were due. Speaking of taxes we actually got some back this year and filed federal on the 13th and mailed state on...the 15th, we never seem to be able to get our act together sooner. Linda got really sick on Tuesday night and through Wednesday. On Friday Dylan and I went out to lunch with Chris, Joanna and Trinity for pizza and Dylan proved he could put it away, 3 pieces by himself. On Thursday Dylan took a couple of shuffling steps backwards for the first time which was pretty cool to see. OH and I don't remember when but we got some real shoes for Dylan this past week as well, fake Crocs and some velcro tennis shoes.

On Saturday the Shreadfest, a bouldering competition at U-mound (a local bouldering area) was held. I rode my bike up from the gym with a couple of others and Linda competed. Dylan hung out with several "older" ladies and had a blast playing with a cell phone and locking it out, I don't know if Anna has managed to unlock it yet. The event started with a clean up and some trail building and then moved on to climbing. It was cool enough to actually be good temps for pulling down which is a rarity for the foothills in April. Linda climbed well repeating a couple of problems that she can't always do and ended up in 1st place among women! Afterwards there was food and a raffle of prizes, everyone got something with prizes left over. All in all it was a good event put on by Stone Age Climbing Gym, Suntoucher Mountain Guides and Fat Tire Cycles.

On Sunday we headed to Diablo Canyon with John and Carolyn. John managed to do Ventarete which is really fun and I got on a route that Bryan Pletta bolted several years ago but had yet to be climbed. I managed to figure out the moves pretty quickly and sent it for the First Ascent on my second try. The route has some god 5.11 climbing surrounding a V7ish boulder problem crux. Dylan had a blast with Soulame, John and Carolyn's dog, petting her and watching her snap at bees and just in general being a 10 month old dog all be it a very large one.

Here is a shot of Dylan eating Linda's lunch at Diablo Canyon.
Eating a waffle with dad before bedtime.
Brushing teeth with mom just before bed.

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