Monday, November 9, 2009

Here is a video of something that Dylan only did for about a week. I have no idea where he learned it, not school since he had not been but once for the previous 5 week so it must have been some adult.

Here are some shots from our stay in Austin, mostly stuff from Halloween since this was really Dylans first Halloween. He was too young and not walking yet last year. Here we are with a couple of the cousins, Brian and Cady on our way to a Halloween party at Cady's school.

As you can see Dylan was dressed as a Chinesse boy. Here he is diligently making a mask, marker in one hand and stickers in the other.

We did not really think about how cruel this costume could be. If you 've ever felt the fabric of this type of clothing you know that is is super slick. Here Dylan is longing to climb up the bouncy slide but keeps slipping back down. Eventually I helped him up a few times and he had a blast.

After the slide Dylan got snakes painted on his face, Cady had some face painting done earlier and Dylan was curious about it.

Here is the whole crew of cousins and a few friends that went trick or treating. Dylan who had never had candy was determined to get as much as possible and was the third to last person back out of the group.

And what Halloween post would be complete with out some gore. Lindas fingers with some sort of bite. This is actually about a week after she first noticed them and after the swelling became more localized in just her fingers, yes her whole hand swelled up. She has no idea where she got them but first noticed them the day she arrived in Austin so it was in the hotel in Louisville, the airplane, airport or in Austin at some point.Here is another scary sight for those climbers that are non parents, the crag nursery. On most days that Dylan was at the cliff in the Red River Gorge and Spain for that matter he was not the only child. We saw infants as young as 3 months out at the crag.

More about our trip to come soon.