Monday, June 6, 2011

China Post #26 UFO and Xi'an Sofitel

My parents came out to China at the end of May and flew into Beijing where they meet up with XiaoWei, the same tour guide that took us around, for a few days. After that they flew to Dalian to see where we were staying. When they got in they were exhausted. We mostly took it easy and only made it out to do some shopping and walk over UFO hill, this time from the beach side. Down by where the road runs into the coastal road there are these huge dinosaur bones sculpted into the road cut.
By walking from the other side this time I got a closer view of the winged bull with rider.
We spent a bit of time up on top looking around and pointing out where things are located. Then we started down to inland side. Previously this plank path had been in terrible disrepair, now it was all shiny and new with a concrete base and engineered planks that should not rot like the logs and wood that they replaced.
I had not noticed it before, but around the pigeon ball the path had designs laid into it like at the Forbidden Palace garden.
This time as well, instead of a pond full of scum and trash there were fish and even a little turtle. There was still a bit of trash though.
On Friday we all left for Xi'an to go check out Huashan, one of the 5 sacred mountains and the Terracotta Army. We had been told by another expat that the Sofitel was very nice. Here are a few shots, the stairs leading up to the spa and fitness area,
The bed and teddy bear that they provided for Dylan, surprisingly he actually liked the crib,
and the lobby
OH and this sat out in front for much of the first day. It apparently belongs to a woman who does business in Xi'an regularly and has a room set aside for her when she is in town.
With the way people drive around here I can't imagine driving such a nice car.

Here is a shirt I saw a lady wearing one day while we were out.....?

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