Saturday, June 11, 2011

China Post #31 Huangshan

After flying to Shanghai we took a car to the town of Huangshan. They say that after seeing Huangshan every other mountain in China will be nothing, we were glad to be going on a weekday to reduce clouds. Another thing working in our favor as far as reducing clouds was the weather. Here is Dylan ready to go in a modified poncho.
With the weather calling for rain, rain and more rain, here is what the wait looked like to get onto the lower cable car.
Not quite the 2 hours we waited to get up on Huashan. A look at the cable car ride up the mountain.
Once up on the mountain there were a few other people around though by China standards it was completely empty. Here is an interesting, naturally occurring rock formation in China.
Yep, a camera bolted to the rock wall to keep an eye on things. With the limited amount of time we were going to spend out in the foul weather mom, dad, Dylan and I headed for the highest point which is Lotus Peak and not too far from where the cab;e car dropped us off. Here is a rock pillar beside the path seen through the mist.
The wind was pretty strong near the peak, it almost knocked my mom over. Here is the summit monument, you can see that at this point my camera is getting a bit wet. Water was actually dripping out of it when I would pull it out of my pocket.
Last shot before I decided it was time to put the camera away for good. When we made it down from the peak back to the main trail we noticed this sign that we did not see on the way up.
Kind of hard to tell but it says not to climb the peak in a storm, OOPS. Anyway, my dad took some more shots so maybe I'll put some of those up later. It is a good thing I stopped taking picture and put the camera away, it took several hours before it dried out enough to work after the trip.

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