Friday, June 10, 2011

China Post #30 LeShan Buddha

On our second day out of Chengdu we headed to see the LeShan Giant Buddha. The buddha was carved into the a high sandstone cliff over looking the confluence of two rivers that gave boaters loads of problems. To get to the buddha you start out by hiking up a trail with what else but some stairs. Along the way you pass numerous cavings of buddhas and other creatures such as this dragon behind my parents.
There is a sculpture of the sculptor, though I don't think the buddha was finished until after he had passed.
Here is a view of the confluence.
And the main attraction. The railing behind the head is about 8 feet high.
These are the stairs that you descend to get to the base of the buddha.
People milling about the buddhas feet, yes it is that big, 71 meters high.
Out past the buddha there are several other things to see including this bridge.
We had lunch at a little fishing village near the bridge and even though we asked for the food not spicy it was still pretty hot, after all this is Sichuan province where spicy food is king.


  1. Keep this all coming Lee!! It is so exciting to read of your adventures over there! We miss you guys here, can't wait to hear of your adventures in person.

  2. that was me, team-mtc. Sorry if confused!