Tuesday, June 14, 2011

China Post #31 Huangshan 2

Here are some shots from Huangshan that my dad took. He got a new little point and shoot that takes really good pictures, a Canon 965, I think.

Here we are hiding out in a tunnel trying to get oriented on the map. In China it seems that every map you get has different things on it and is really never to scale. The map that we are looking at has the whole mountain, but the maps posted along the trail rarely had more than the point you were at and the next point or two in any direction. In addition, sometimes those points did not match anything on the map.
Here is everyone, dad is behind the camera, being idiots after climbing Lotus Peak in the storm.
This is the water fall staircase I mentioned. The higher you got in it the more water you were hit with. This is because a storm drain from higher up dumped right into the top of the staircase. By the time we made it to the top water was hitting you in the chest and spraying up into your face because the wind was being funneled up the staircase.
During this episode water got up under dad's jacket and all over his new camera and yet it kept right on working, though the lens had water drops or streaks on it for the rest of the day.

Now I might be carrying a 45 pound pack with Dylan in it and all the other tourist are impressed and making comments like I'm a model father, but these guys are really impressive. There are hotels and stores up on the mountain along with trail maintenance project and they have to get their supplies somehow. These are the guys that carry the supplies up from the top of the cable cars.
The more impressive items we saw being carried were bags, yes plural, of concrete and propane canisters that were probably 100 liter or about 25 gallon, so 2.5 times the size of a typical BBQ canister, maybe bigger. Naturally it is all up and down stairs.

Last, here is mom after a wet day up on the mountain.

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