Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter all.

Today Dylan did his first Easter egg hunt over at Chris and Joanna's. Their daughter, Trinity hid the eggs and helped get Dylan into the right places to find them. He then tried hiding the eggs, he had the right idea, under the end of the slide but put all 12 in the same place. We had a nice lunch with their family and after the festivities Chris, Joanna and I watched the coverage of the Tour of Flanders which is a crazy race over a bunch of cobblestone roads and hills in Belgium.

Last night we went to a BBQ that was for a couple of friends, Greg and Magdel, who moved to South Africa 4 years ago and this was their first return with their new 15 month old daughter. It was nice to see them and we went bouldering with them and a bunch of other folks this morning out at U-mound, which is kind of a horribly sharp but very convenient local spot right on the edge of town.

Linda has been finishing up our taxes, that horrible time of year when many of us find out we gave the government a big fat no interest loan.

I'll try to get some photos downsized to post later this week.