Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X-mas

Hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Right now Linda's family, all 11 of them are in town and staying with us. The house is pretty crowded. In addition some of their friends are here as well adding another 4 people to the group during the days.

The kids have all been learning to ski up at Sandia and having a blast. Linda has gotten in a couple of days of skiing and I a couple of days of snowboarding. It's been quite a while since either of has has done snow sports and my experience was pretty limited anyway.

We all just finished opening presents this morning. Dylan's favorite seemed to be a shinny bag that one of his gifts came in, pretty typical really. He would put it on his head and play hide and seek.

Dylan is having a blast playing with all his cousins and being doted on by all the adults.

The whole gang made it to the ABQ Bio Park for teh River of Lights Festival which was pretty cool. They build a bunch of light sculptures, some of which move and light the Children's Fantasy Garden, it is pretty fun to walk around in the dark and see the lights, literally millions.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Music Time

Today Dylan's school had a class brunch for the holidays. So even though it was not his day to go to school he got to see his teachers anyway. The food was pretty good, it was a pot luck, I brought milk . . . not much of a cook. The kids all had fun running around and playing with instruments. Dylan really likes most all instruments and was the one who opened the boxes that had the bells and symbol rattles. Then he got to sit and play the Ukulele.

He must have been halfway decent since he had an audience, yet he was unhappy with what he was hearing so he tried to re tune the Uke.

After the party was over we headed to the Clay's house so he could hang out with Jaxon West. Happy Birthday Jaxon, he turned 2 today. They had a blast playing in Jaxon's room and had a lunch of Mac Cheese and roast beef.

Full day for the little one.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Second try with the Wave Bubble

Here is his reaction the second time we subjected him to the bubble.

Watch the video in the previous post first.

Old shots and video from Thanksgiving

Here are a couple of shots of Dylan from early last month.
Nice black eye. . .
Sweet new house slippers. . .

Yes the black eye was just when Dylan got out of hand with a marker, but it's still funny, since he did not actually get hurt.
Over Thanksgiving we headed to the SF Bay Area to vivit my family. We made it to the Monterray Bay Aquarium and the California Academy of Sciences, both very cool places to check out regaurdles of it you have kids or not.
This is some video of Dylan's reaction at the Aquarium to a glass bubble that the wave surges push water over. This is the first time we subjected him to it.