Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Day at Disney, New Years Eve

We spent the last day at Disney CA Adventures. Dylan seemed to like this better than Disneyland since it brought movies he had watched to life. Here he is at Casa Della tire shop,
 Hanging with Flick
 Linda and Dylan on the big spinning swing, I hate these rides as they make me motion sick, though roller coasters do not, weird.
 Watching the parade as Sully goes by,
 And the Incredibles,
 Dylan and Linda watching to see what is next,
 Toy Story
 We got dinner at the buffet at the Paradise Pier, a Disney Hotel, so naturally the characters came through for a meet and greet. Minny
 An upside down shot of Kailee, who chose to ride with Linda and I, and Dylan with my parents
 Being New Years Eve, celebratory hats were passed out,
 I found a Mike Wazowski hat that then Dylan wanted and Linda wanted to see us matching so I went back and got him one as well, needless to say he was pretty psyched.
 A very tired little one on the walk back to the hotel.