Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Weekend of the first month of 2010

Friday I took Dylan up to the Capulin snow play area, just above the bottom of the ski area in the sandias. He did not really seem to like sledding but was excited about throwing snowballs and making snow angels.
On Saturday we all headed out to Socorro with a bunch of folks to do some climbing. I took a bunch of photos of Matt L on Sinister Dane and Benny on Full Penetration.
Here is Matt
and here is Benny,
Dylan was a really good boy all day without a nap and entertained himself really well at the cliff by throwing rocks and digging in the dirt. OH and making dirt "sand" angels, need less to say he got filthy.

On Sunday I headed out for a 100km ride. It was really cold and did not seem to warm up making me feel stiff the whole time. Add to that the perpetual 2-3 mph headwind for the whole ride and it was a frustrating experience.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, new post

Happy New Years...a little late.
Here is a video of Dylan at home and his reaction to hearing the garage door open.

Now here are some shots of Dylan for your viewing pleasure.

Chasing ducks at the ZOO,

Hanging out with Komo, Chris' dog, in the bushes at Socorro,Doing some spelunking at Three Gun Springs,Investigating a small bush at the Playground, one of the cliffs at White Rock, outside of Los Alamos of National Lab and Nuke fame,

and playing with some rocks at the base of the wall, nice cliff with lots of flat space and trees near the wall. Many smaller rocks for Dylan to play with and on and no big drop offs untill you wander a couple hundred feet from the wall and there is the 1000+ foot drop down into the Rio Grande Gorge.