Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Music Time

Today Dylan's school had a class brunch for the holidays. So even though it was not his day to go to school he got to see his teachers anyway. The food was pretty good, it was a pot luck, I brought milk . . . not much of a cook. The kids all had fun running around and playing with instruments. Dylan really likes most all instruments and was the one who opened the boxes that had the bells and symbol rattles. Then he got to sit and play the Ukulele.

He must have been halfway decent since he had an audience, yet he was unhappy with what he was hearing so he tried to re tune the Uke.

After the party was over we headed to the Clay's house so he could hang out with Jaxon West. Happy Birthday Jaxon, he turned 2 today. They had a blast playing in Jaxon's room and had a lunch of Mac Cheese and roast beef.

Full day for the little one.

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