Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend at Hueco

The trip to Hueco Tanks was pretty good. We stayed at a Hawthorne Inn and Suites, got a pretty good room rate. The hotel had a great hot breakfast with waffles, eggs, potatos and some meat along with everything else you'd expect from a normal hotel breakfast.

On Saturday we went out on a tour with everyone, Mike T, Lori, Chris and Treva, Jake, JC, Vino and Dane. We started out at the Maze where everyone gave Jiggsaw Puzzle a load of tries with a few sends. Then we headed up to Flower Power which several people got on. I did Je Suis Wedge which is one move to a difficult nut crunching mantle and Pirrelli which is another mantle. Next up was Moonshine Roof which Linda spent some time working on with everyone. We finished the day off at Meddle Detector which I managed to repeat, great problem with big moves on big holds out a 45 degree overhang. Dylan was very good all day, just playing and having a blast. The wind picked up towards the end of the day as is usual for the time of year and was pretty brutal as we were walking out. Dylan only managed to nap once we were back in the car driving to the hotel.

On Sunday we stayed on North Mountain and met up with everyone at the Warm-up boulder an quickly headed to Asylum Crack which is fun except that the crux is not lowering yourself into the boulder behind the problem halfway up. I finished off a project that I started a few years ago which is a low start to a V2 to the right of Asylum Crack and is possibly an FA though I doubt it because it is on North, it's not that hard and it is listed as a project in the guide book, but who knows. Anyway, it is really fun and somewhat intimidating as the crux section comes with the same boulder that you have to avoid on Asylum looming behind you if you blow it. Next we headed to Donkey Head which is a problem that Linda had done in the past but it took a lot of work. She managed to repeat it this time in just a few tries. We left a little early so that Dylan could get a good nap in, leaving the park at about 3 in the afternoon, Dylan napped all the way to Socorro, a good 3hr+ away, only waking up to glare at the boarder patrol check point guard.

We made it home a resonable time after stopping in Socorro for dinner and to let Dylan walk around a bit. Yesterday the busy weekend showed as Dylan took another 3 hour nap in the afternoon.
Here are some shots of Dylan as we are getting ready to thead to the car,

And walking to the car to head home.

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