Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going to the Zoo with JaxonWest

Today was beautiful, sunny and 80 degrees, a great day to go to the Zoo and Dylan is 18 months old. After slathering on sun screen and a few failed attempts at getting the hat to stay we met up with Jason and his boy, Jaxon West. The boys had fun looking at the animals and saying names and making sounds. Dylan was particularly enthralled by the pink flamingos.

While the Rio Grande Zoo is not a petting zoo, that did not stop the boys from trying. Jaxon was almost successful at petting the duck, he's a bit faster than Dylan at this point. Here they are trying to corner the duck.

We fed the kids in the Zoo cafeteria, some fries and chicken tenders to go along with a sandwich and a banana. Jaxon might be more fleet afoot but Dylan would take him down in a chow contest, is that something I should be psyched about?
Afterwards we headed out to the Slate Street Cafe to get some real food for the dads. The place is pretty difficult to find since Slate St is discontinuous, but it is between 5th and 6th st and Lomas and Mountain. The lunch menu is mostly sandwiches and salads. So we got a couple of sandwiches, the food was quite good and the boys ate some more to supplement their lunch. Later Dylan tried on Jaxon's hat, and since we were inside and there was no sun, naturally he made no effort to take it off.

After coming home and taking a nice long nap and running some errands, mom made it home and Dylan had a blast playing with her.

After a good mommy play session he had dinner and was pooped, maybe a bit full as well. I did a weight check and got him at 29.1 lbs dressed so he is probably about 28.5 or more, not bad for 18 months.

All in all it was a fun day for all. Last but not least, here is a shot of what Dylan looks like when mommy is feeding him or he is trying to feed himself.

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