Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Only in New Mexico

So the word on the frame is it should be replaced. Enough about that.

The rest of my parents trip out was good. On Saturday we did some shopping around for new bikes for the ladies, nothing firm but they liked how the Orbea Diva looked. We may even have talked them into getting a compact crank instead of a triple. Right now it is looking like Orbea, Look, Cannondale(maybe), Trek(maybe) or possibly custom(WaltWorks?). On Sunday Linda and mom rode up S 14 which is actually NM 337 now, the name changed several years ago but the cycling community still refers to it by its old labeling. Mom rode Linda's bike which has a triple and was hers prior to giving it to Linda and Linda rode Betty's bike which has a standard double on it and had no issues which helps in the quest to get rid of the triple. Later in the day Dad, Chris and I rode the west side or volcanoes loop, the first time I've been out that way this year. The road that used to go west out to a stop sign and back east from the main direction of Paseo del Volcan has been repaved and straightened and the stop eliminated which is nice.

Dylan misses Grandpa or at least really likes saying his name in Cantonese, which is Yeah-Yeah, the end is kind of clipped so it is not quite like Yeah! but close.

Today in the front yard we saw a Road Runner and it was teaching Dylan poor table manners. The video gets shaky at the end but the thing in his/her beak is a small mouse. The mouse seems plenty dead if you ask me and the bird is just playing with it while eating.

Well if you were eating and that did not set well with you, I'm sorry but it was interesting anyway. Apparently a road runner will eat just about anything it can catch by running up to it and stabbing it's prey with it's beak.

The shoulder is feeling better which is good since as of now Chris and I are planning to head back to Socorro to try and finish off his project this weekend.

Stone Age is having a competition this Saturday for the USAC as a local and for the new college climbing leauge...Say what, climbing is now some sort of college sport. Apparently so, where was this while I was in school? Setting for the competiton will provide a little test for my shoulder although I will be protecting it and trying to avoid anything that will obviously put a lot of stress on it.

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  1. Dude, I think I even have that tattered sheet of info for Linda sitting around somewhere still...

    Bummer about your dad's bike.

    I didn't know roadrunners ate mice. Weird!