Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend report 09-03-16

On Friday since the weather was bad Chris, Curran, Dylan and I headed over to John and Carolyn's house to climb on their wall. Carolyn has a really sweet personal training studio with a climbing wall so we spent about 2 hours having a good session. Dylan played with all the personal training equipment and John's dog, Soulame (sp?).

Here is a shot that Carolyn took with her phone of Dylan and Soulame playing with extra holds that are not on the wall yet.

Next is another phone shot of Dylan just hanging around, though after a couple times of hanging on till he lets go he realizes that falling is more fun and he just lets go right away. You can also see their wall, nice bulge out the center and curving slightly overhung walls on either side.

On Saturday Linda finally started to ride some longer distances, though only 35 miles this time. She commutes to work on her bike once or twice a week 15 miles each way, but if she wants to have fun on the Triple By-Pass in CO this July she needs to get some longer rides in. Otherwise 120 miles and 3 mountain passes is just not going to be enjoyable no matter how nice the weather and scenery.

Next up, they don't make stuff like they used to. Dylan sporting a 30 year old onesie, those of you who know how old I am , know what that means.

On Sunday I headed out to Socorro with Chris. We started at Spook Canyon where after warming up Chris dogged up Ride the Lightning 5.13- to hang draws and figure things out for me. Thanks to his work, he had already done the route several years ago, I was able to climb it on my first go. Then we headed over to North Wall which was pretty cold, but that was a good thing. We got on a route that Chris bolted about 7 years ago and has not been climbed yet. We both made good progress in 2 attempts each. I managed it with one fall and Chris with just a couple, so I'm optimistic that it will go down next time out.

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