Thursday, March 12, 2009

New camera and climbing with John

Last weekend we all enjoyed a day in Socorro climbing, no pictures though.

We just purchased a new point and shot camera to replace Linda's Canon power shot that bit the dust, the thing would not even turn on with new batteries. It was probably 5 years old, so it was probably time for a new one anyway.

On Wednesday Dylan and I got out climbing with our friend John Kear a local guide who is not in town all that much so we try to get out with him when we can. We check out Fat City which is a bouldering area in the foothills. I had never been before and it was a nice change of pace. A handful of nice problems, nothing all that hard and one really interesting face.

Here is a shot of John on the cool crystal face, apparently the boulder broke along a pegmatite band so the whole face is quartz crystals.

Next up for you Dylan fans, here is Dylan showing his team colors courtesy of Auntie Joy and Uncle Chris, while contemplating some grass.

Today Dylan and I just got back from an hour long ride along the Rio Grande bike path and now Linda is home spoiling him.

Dylan has been walking more often but still prefers to crawl since he is a lot faster on all fours. That will change eventually I'm sure.

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