Friday, March 20, 2009

Bio Park with Popo and Yeah-Yeah

Well, The new camera came in on Wednesday and I've had teh opportunity to use it some and check out some of the features. Some are pretty cool, like being able to preview the effect of over exposing or under exposing a shot and choosing how you want it to look or how different white balance settings look. Bad is the back lighting feature which is supposed to make shady faces with bright backgrounds come out without blowing the background out which it still does and the faces end up looking whiter than normal. I guess that could be good if you're trying to show that you are sick or something. Being able to take video is nice as we have never had a camer with a video feature, just show how old our other point and shoot was since they pretty much all can take some amount of video now.

My parents are in town so yesterday the three of us took Dylan out to the Bio Park, Zoo, Aquarium and Botanical Gardens with a train that connects them. He had a blast pushing his charriot around the Zoo and he enjoyed the train but the tunnels made him pretty nervous.

After the Bio Park my dad and I went for a quick ride and saddly he crashed when someones off leash (actually the dog was on a leash but the owner was not holding the other end) little 15 pound dog cut right in front of him while on the bike path taking out the front wheel of the bike he was on. He was lucky in some ways in that he was about to go between some concrete posts to keep cars from driving on the path which the bike hit and he some how avoided which limited his road rash to just his elbow but it means that the top tube of my Cervelo R3 took quite a blow. He can't be all that bad off as he is out right now with mom ansd Chris' wife, Joanna on a 30 mile ride, but on a different bike as the Cervelo needs to get looked at.

Here is a sideways shot of Dylan looking pretty happy with himself after summiting a pint sized boulder at the Botanical Gardens.

Now Dylan is trying to break one of the large ants that hang at the Bio Park in a place called the childrens fantasy garden, sort of like Alice in Wonderland when she is small, or Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

My mom is a model train fan so we had to check out the model trains the have at the Botanical Gardens.

Well that is long winded enough for now but with 2 extra sets of hands around hopefully I'll be able to get another post up this weekend.

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