Tuesday, May 31, 2011

China Post #23 Random

Dylan and I have started taking the bus to get to school, it shortens the walk by quite a bit and he really likes the idea of taking the bus
Some of the drivers are really courteous and will wait for people running for the bus and others almost seem as though they are trying to keep people fro getting on. Many of the buses seem to be in desperate need of new clutches as they grind and lurch to get going.

Here is one of my favorite stores...
They sell everything, well not quite... It is mostly an athletic wear company, but the logo is the same. On another note, you can buy Nike shoes branded as Xero at some shops for about 30% of the price, I'd be willing to bet they are made in the same factory as everything looks the same.

Interesting caption on this poster,
"Dream will become your fingertips"?

Cleaning trees?
Really not sure what there were doing watering, knocking leaves off, cleaning the sidewalk, spraying pesticides on the leaves? Who knows.

A crowded train ride into Dalian.
With all the walking around we get to a fair bit of people watching. In the winter everyone was wearing kind of drab colors lots of grey, brown, dark blue, faded greens, black. Now that spring has sprung and there are leaves on the trees HOT PINK is in. Through the first month or so we were here you would see the occasional woman in the pink jogging suit, but now you can't go out without seeing hot pink shirts on guys and girls alike.
It is hard to not find the hot pink "playboy" polo shirts with the collars turned up kind of humorous. Another popular thing that becomes more apparent in spring is the couples wearing matching tops, be it hot pink or just poorly translated english.

Last, like the "mullet" in Spain, the "man purse" is huge here.
Some are more "masculine" than others and other times they are truly purses. Most are other miniaturized messenger bag variety such as this. Maybe this is more Euro than I'm used to, like the pink too?

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