Sunday, May 22, 2011

China Post #20 Random Stuff

Here are some photos of STUFF and some thought about the shots.

I was pretty excited about the shoes I brought from the US. They seems pretty comfortable and are water proof and quite breathable. I had worn them a few times before coming out to make sure they were OK. Well apparently I did not wear them enough, I experienced quite a bit of heel lift while hiking and wore a hole through the inside of the heal cup. That hole started to tear up my socks, so I had to get some new shoe. Here is Dylan trying them out, he looks like a clown.
Even with wheel barrows and such, you still people carrying thing the old fashioned way.
Here is the front of the building that Dylan's school is in, not exactly traditional Chinese architecture.
There are random holes in the sidewalk.
Here is Dylan being a TURTLE with our laundry basket.
If you have to go to the dentist here you get to be put on display while you are worked on, a little weird.
I urinal.
Here is one of the cargo bikes, if you look the brake is a foot peddle that just presses into one of the front tires.
Here is a new bed that Dylan found, now he can be my alarm clock.
Dylan copying Linda while she ties her shoe, naturally Dylan is tying his velcro.
Not sure what brand of car this is, but I bet you can't get this model in the US.
Next up, Dandong (on the North Korean border) posts.

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