Friday, May 20, 2011

China Post #19 Labor Park

This past Sunday we headed in to Dalian to check out Labor Park. We'd heard that it was quite pretty and that it actually had walking paths and was not all in your face commercial. We walked to the train station in DDA passing one of these buses along the way.
Linda thinks they are really "cute" and look like some sort of insect with the mirrors being the antennae. She thinks they are so cute she wants to take one home, I'm all for it if I can redo the interior and turn it into a camper and she is willing to "feed" it.

Here we are on the platform waiting for the train, a lot of people headed towards town and not so many the opposite way.
The trains can be quite crowded and it is difficult sometime to even get on resulting in pushing matches.

Once we reached the park after a quick taxi ride we were greeted by another large gathering of people. Notice all the paper posted to the trees?
This is a weekly gathering for parents who are looking for spouses for their kids. At the top of the list is the birth year and month. There may also be job requirements or height, but it is mostly about the persons birth signs.

Then there was another area where there were a bunch of groups sitting playing card games just above a small pond.
Mow Dylan had really wanted to get a boat in Bingyou Gou because he had so much fun on the ferry ride. So we rented a peddle boat and cruised around for a bit, Dylan did some steering.
There were some older men practicing writing on the walk way. I think they were just using water.
There was a long wide walk way headed up from the pond towards a soccer ball shaped restaurant that had all 12 of the Chinese zodiac characters along it. Since nearly everyone was stopping to take photos with their's we did the same. I find it interesting that most of the Chinese seem to have a pose that they strike when they are getting their photo taken. Here is Dylan riding his pig.
After walking around on some paths through the trees, they were still paved, we came upon some fungi. There were 3 of the same type and one fat one. Here is Dylan on the smallest.
Linda on the medium,
and myself on the largest.
There was a pretty large flower garden attached to the park that had loads of lilies? in many different colors. Here are Linda and Dylan in front of some purple, Linda's favorite, and yellow ones.
Some pink and white ones back lit.
Finally we came to another entrance from the one we took and got to see the Labor sculpture.
After the park we headed a few blocks away to an Indian restaurant we had been told about called Abashi. It was not real easy to find since the name was not on the building and the location does not exactly match what comes up on the map when I did a search. Anyway, Dylan loves his Indian food and made every effort to cram as much in as he could.
It was a long day, we probably caught the second to last train back to DDA and Dylan was...
fading fast.

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