Wednesday, May 18, 2011

China Post #18 Appearance

This may be specific to Dalian, I don't know having not traveled that much outside of the city. It seems as though the city streets are considered a garbage can or advertising space. You see people throw half empty drink bottles, cigarette boxes, flyers that they don't want, really anything on the ground. People also paint phone numbers and places stickers on the ground with phone numbers to advertise, I guess?
So it is a good thing that there are loads of these guys going around, the Dalian garbage men and women. Some pick it us and others use the garbage bikes to get it were it belongs.
If you think the garbage guy is burly, I don't know what this guys was moving about, but he can't even see the road in front of him.
Now up here is Dalian we are pretty far north and even though we are on the coast it snows regularly during the winter. Some trees do fine, others apparently not as well. I don't remember the numbers exactly but they were at least 1 and 2 million. Last year they planted 1 million? trees in Dalian to beautify the city and this year they are planting 2 million?. Now this is great and all because trees are good for the environment and air quality. However it seems like choosing trees that don't need to be replaced might be a good idea. As well as not planting them this close together...
Because they are so close and maybe not the right types of trees to be here you see government workers driving around in huge water trucks hooked up to fire hoses dumping hundreds of gallons of water on these trees, and one the leaves come in, which has now happened, when it rains the roots will get no water since the trees will form a complete canopy.

There seems to be some idea of what is considered idyllic. Outside of amusement parks in what would others wise be nice wilderness areas, it includes nice creeks with rocky shores like this one....
sculpted out of concrete. What good would it be if you could not control the flow of water to make it run at the proper level for the longest time? So up "stream" there is a dam and some piping. Here is the dam, the bigger rocks in the back ground with the writing on them,
Yep, concrete. If it does not look right make it so.

Obviously there is a long history of very high quality wood working in China and Asia in general. Lots of old temple and such were originally built with hand cut joints, no nails or screws etc. In keeping with that history, this was the railing along the top section of the road up to UFO hill....
Only problem, when they break...
Concrete again. Now don't get me wrong, it does all look very nice and there are even some sections of concrete stone that Linda and I have looked and wondered if we would get in trouble for climbing on. It is always interesting climbing on something man made that was not intended to be climbed.

Here is another example, once again on UFO hill. Something about this road cut caught my eye and made me look again.
You can see wire mesh that was installed to grow more grass on and cover up the rock.

Here is another thing that is very noticeable about the sky line around here. Buildings seem to go up in pairs for the most part.
Sometimes more.
And other times many more, there are places where you will have 20-50 buildings that are all the same. This is really no different than suburban USA really, it is just the scale that it is done on. That's all for now.

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