Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

So, naturally it has been awhile since I last posted.

On Wednesday the 24th Dylan and I went back to the Sandias to climb with John Kear and Carolyn. We all had a good time and miraculously the weather held out and we did not get rained on, just a little spit. I made the probable second ascent of John's route, Insane Clown Posse 5.12+ and John and Carolyn did two routes for the first time, that I bolted with the help of Rip and Pletta a few years ago.

Then over the weekend Linda and I rode to the crest from town and back while Chris and Joanna watched Dylan who had a blast in their yard playing with Triny (Trinity) their 5 year old daughter.

Last week Dylan and I made it out to Big Block on Monday with Richard of Team Mojo and Jeff Leads of Prana and had a good time. On Wednesday we headed out to the Crystal Cave with Doug and 3 kids from Team Mojo, Richard, Liam and Rachel. Richard managed to send Dope 5.13b, not bad for a 14 year old, maybe he's 13. I came very close to doing the full version of Faith 5.13c but will have to live with the short version a couple of times as a workout.

Dylan, seeing all the climbing is starting to trian his open hand strength on the edge of the table as well as his core by holding L-sits. Well at least he is having fun swinging around.

The flowers have been out in force lately at the higher elevations. We saw some great ones up in the Sandias the past couple of weeks and blooming cactus at the Crystal Cave in the Jemez foothills.

On the 3rd we went up to Chris and Joanna's to hang out and celebrate the 4th and Chris' Bday a little early for both. Dylan again had fun with Triny and would follow her everywhere even when she went to brush her teeth.

Today we went to Datil for the day and met up with Carolyn and Anna B. along with Mick and Kari Shien. Mick being the author of the Sandia Rock guide book. It seemed as though everyone had a good time. Linda did The Raven 5.11d on her first try on TR and proptly lead it, which is quite good for her. Carolyn also managed The Raven on TR and plans to try leading it tomorrow, so hopefully all goes well for her.

Well Happy 4th.

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