Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Look Back at the Triple By-Pass

So as I said in the last post, the Triple By-Pass was a success for the family. Linda, my mom and dad all finished and seemed to be feeling pretty good at the end. They did all get rained on, but luckily for them it happened when they were riding up Vail pass towards the end which allowed them to stay warm. Joanna was not as lucky, she was ahead and was on her way down Vail pass when the skies opened up causing her to freeze. Joanna eventually bailed about 15 miles from the end when she could not stop shivering. Chris on the other hand was way out infront of everyone else and did not get rained on at all until he headed up with me to the top of Vail pass to meet up with everyone as they rode through.

The goal for Joanna and Chris is to do the Death Ride next year. I don't know if my mom will use the Triple as a stepping stone to completing the Death Ride or not. Linda had been saying if she finished the Triple she would never do it again, but after the ride she was open to doing it again. It really is bueatifull, mountains, rivers, amazing bike paths, closed roads and round-abouts through the finishing straight, about the only bad thing is the 6 miles on the interstate, but the shoulder is wide and the big rigs give you a turbo boost when they go by.

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