Friday, July 31, 2009

OR Trade Show Trip

Well I've been back from the trade show for a week now. Had a chance to rest up and get used to being back at home and not understanding half of what Dylan says. Linda's mom tok care of him while I was gone and so he learned quite a bit of Cantonees that I have not had the chance to pick up, not to mention how quick a child learns words.

I met up with the gyms climbing team in Maple Canyon on my way out to Salt Lake City. We climbed up at the Pipe Dream Cave on my first day there and their last day. I then ran into Betty and Eric who I thought were in the Sierras in CA climbing but they had started on their way back to ABQ early. So I climbed with them the next day and one of the kids from the team, Richard who I was taking to the OR Show with me. The next morning Richard and I hung out and taked with Dave Pegg of Wolverine Publishing, some of the best guide books out there come from his company, and waited for Chris Grijavla to show up. Richard and I then headed to the Pipeline and did a few routes and headed to SLC.

The show did not seem as busy as in previous years. Not as many people milling about and there were several empty booths as well. There were also no show stoppers this year, there really was no real buzz about any one thing in climbing. I don't know if suppliers are holding back on things or just hae not been putting the money towards R and D, but in the past years when I've gone to the show there is always a got to have item and there just was not this year. I ate at 3 different breweries in three night, they all had pretty good for, I have no idea about the beer though. Rode my bike once with Sam Krieg who makes chalk bags and saddle bags along with coaching cyclists and racing, probably better than he leads on. He and one of his athleats hammered me on the ride up Big Cottonwood Canyon which is according to them 14 miles and 4000 feet of climbing a good portion of which comes in the first 6.5 miles.

I then headed home after the show closed on Friday, leaving at about 3:45pm after collecting some stuff for the gym, holds and a crash pad and picking up a sweet Flashed Air pad from Trango, Thanks to Scott. I drove straight through and got home about 1:30am and colapsed.

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