Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekend in Datil

W headed to Datil this past weekend to try camping with Dylan again. Last time was a disaster with Dylan crying for several hours at night and keeping both of us up. He did not fall asleep untill I left the tent and slept in the front seat of the car so he had more space in the sleeping bags.

This time went a bit better. We brought the Pack and Play and set it up in the tent which made it easier for Dylan to fall asleep sinnce it is something he is used to sleeping in. However he then woke up at about 1:30am and started to cry, probably because he was cold. Linda was in the tent with him and tried to sooth him and have him sleep in the sleeping bag with her but he would not have it. So eventually I took him and calmed him in the back of the truck where I was sleeping. I took quite a while but after moving about a bit and sitting up a few times he finally fell asleep again which was a relief. He was probably awake for an hour or a little more so at least he got a good amount of sleep.
Here is Dylan looking pretty excited to be in the tent with his Pack and Play.

Here is a shot of Dylan drinking Auntie Betty's water in the evening.Linda and I had a good time climbing. Linda finally lead Once upon a Time 5.11D with the direct start, clean. I just ran laps on stuff at one point doing 3 routes in a row on the tower. We ran into the Austin TX climbing team who were out on a road trip with their coach, Johnny Myrick who is from Albuquerque. They were out there with some kids from our climbing team and a couple of the kids from the Huston climbing team as well.
Here is some video of what Dylan did to occupy himself in the camp site. He was cleaning it up so there was nothing to trip over...or not.

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