Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's been awhile.
Here are some shots from our trip to Hawaii
The wedding chaple
Dylan testing Uncle Chris' nose to make sure it's attached wellDylan working the tables at the reception following the wedding
There were 24 tables to check in with and Dylan was exausted after he finished his rounds.
Dylan's first trip to a beach where you would get in the water
For more photos of him at the beach check out my Dad's photo website at:
Dylan driving, he is obsessed with wheels, he spent nearly an hour in this and another little car, we did not even put any money in them and he was thrilled.
Dylan spending time with my cousins children, so I don't know what that would make them to him.
Some video of Dylan playing in the rain. He's not such a fan of the rain in NM since it is cold, but in Hawaii it's like a bath falling from the sky. Sorry it is sideways.
We also made it out to Palomas to climb last weekend with Jerrad and Lisa. We all had a good time doing all the routes around Green Eggs and Ham.
I did the ABQ century with Chris, Joanna and Dani. Joanna had a terrible crash about 30 miles in and ended up with 7 stiches in her temple but seemed to be doing OK when I stopped by their house towards the end of the ride.
I think vacations need more down time and less traveling, we flew on 6 separate days over a 10 and a half day vacation. All the flights on separate days served a purpose but it would be nice to travel on fewer days.
OK enough for now

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