Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hike to Palomas

This morning Dylan and I hiked up to Palomas Peak, well I carried him. We met up with Marc Ripper, Matt L. and Matt B. who were out there climbing. We spent a couple of hours out then gave Marc a ride back into town so he could work while the Matt's climbed a bit longer.

Palomas is a really pretty area on the back side of the Sandias with a moderately long approach. It takes about a half an hour to hike in through some pretty varied vegetation. Open fields, scrub oak, then a section that feels almost like a rain forest, then come the big pine trees in a section that just makes me want to ride a mountain bike, and finally the trudge up the hill through mixed trees and some cactus as the slope faces south in places.

Matt, who was working Entertaining Mike Tyson 5.13b last time I was out came OH so close to sending it today. He fell going to the juggy finger lock that you clip the last bolt off of, though you do have to get to it and readjust on it before you can clip, so a move and a half from sending. Marc Ripper pulled of 2, 5.12-'s, not sure of the names, by 11am. They headed up at 6am from town. Here is a shot of Matt on EMT.

There are these really cool trees along the first section of wall that you come to at Palomas that grow right out of the base of the wall horizontally for several feet that make great benches and such. Dylan had fun play around on one of the smaller ones. Sitting on a rock and leaning back against it.Climbing over it.And trying to crawl under it, though it kind of looks like a cage as well.Later in the evening when Linda got home from work she introduced Dylan to bubbles and he was ecstatic. Video will come in the next post.

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