Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Time No Write

OK, so here is the shot of Linda's lip. This was about 3 days after it happened.
So on Saturday the 2nd I rode with Chris and Joanna from town to the Sandia Crest at 10,600 feet, good climb and with the intention of riding back into town. Only problem is is was snowing on us for the last 2-3 miles going up and pouring on us on the way down. Chris put it best,"I was trying to brake and peddle at the same time to stay warm". We called Linda to come and pick us up once we were down off the Crest Rd at the first gas station. Later that afternoon Linda headed out for a ride on the Look 585 Elle that she had been testing out. It is set up with standard 700c wheels instead of the 650c wheels she has on her bike. She forgot the extra spare tube and turned around pretty early and on her way back turning onto a side street her front wheel just skated out from under her. I was not there so I have no idea what happened but it looks as though she caught her upper lip on the stem clamp at the steerer tube or something to get the nice puncture. Needless to say, when she got home her ride was done.

On Sunday the weather looked bad up at El Rito and since Linda did not feel all that gunho we went to the Enchanted Tower instead. Linda climbed really well, getting up Straight on till Morning 5.12c with one hang on her first try but did not get back on it.

On Monday I ordered the camper shell for the truck, a Leer 180, which has the 4 inch or so rise above the cab, better for camping and transporting bikes.

On Tuesday evening my parents drove into town to help watch Dylan while I set for the Jr Regional competiton at the gym. it kind of sucks that when my parents come to town I generally have to work some pretty long hours so I don't get to spend as much time with them as I'd like. Though I know they really come out to see Dylan anyway. My parents got some riding in while I took breaks during the middle of the day when the gym is busy with menbers. My mom test rode the Look and the 48 cm Cervelo R3 at Fat Tire and ended up getting the Look, the same one that Linda crashed on. On Saturday it seemed as though the comp went OK, I left after the morning session and have not had a chance to ask about how the afternoon went.

On Saturday morning Mom, Linda and Joanna rode from Tijeras to the crest and back which is about 40 miles. Then in the afternoon after they were done, Dad, Chris and I did the same ride. We had a nice family dinner out tha evening and may parents left on Sunday morning.

On Sunday we pretty much just hung out and rested, at least that is what I did. Other than finally getting the swam cooler hooked up and some weeds picked up that had been pulled and tearing somemore ivy off of the house, though I did manage to stay in bed till 10:30 which was nice.

Oh to have no shame,
And here is the truck that we are trying to sell, if you know anyone that is looking $6500 OBO

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