Monday, May 18, 2009

A weekend of riding

Had a good weekend.

On Saturday Linda got to spend the Day with Dylan while Chris and I headed out to White Rock to do the Valles Caldera Double Crossing 200km brevet. It starts at the Overlook in White Rock and heads towards Los Alamos and over the caldera, out to Fenton Lake (really pretty out there and I had not ridden that road before) then back to Hwy 4 and down to Jemez Springs. A quick stop for a breakfast burrito at Deb's and mile 70 and back up over the caldera to White Rock by way of Bandalier NM. We got very lucky with the weather as there was a 40% chance of rain and the forcasted winds were 15-20mph. No rain though it did threaten and there were occasional gusts of wind but really nothing too bad. A very pretty ride.

On Sunday I took care of Dylan while Linda rode the Santa Fe Century with Joanna and Doni in just about idea conditions. It was about 80 for the high with little to no wind.

All in all I think we did pretty well for being very under prepared. Not having riden more than 50 miles yet this year and only about 6-7 hundred total in the calendar year. Though I'll addmit I did pay the price trying to stay with 3 racers, 2 had just finished the Tour of the Gila and the third had just won his age group in the AZ state TT championships. Needless to say I blew big at about mile 40 and could no longer get my heart rate above 150, then at about mile 110 event though I still could not raise my heart rate my power output jumped about 50 watts. Kind of wierd but it always seems to happen on long rides.

Linda would have rather climbed on Sunday and I'm glad that we did not, it makes it easier for me to avoid climbing if I don't actually go to a cliff even though I don't bring my shoes. The next couple of weekends it should be easier to avoid climbing since we will be in Hawaii for a wedding and some more time with my parents and sister.

No photos, que malo.

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