Thursday, January 17, 2013

Very Late Thanksgiving Post, Now With WORDS

Photos from our Thanksgiving travels.

After arriving in Austin we headed with the whole family to San Antonio, apparently in TX the kids get the whole week off. On Sunday night James (bro in-law), Brian (nephew) and I headed to the Spurs game against the Clippers. It was a good game with a lot of star power, CP3, Blake Griffin and The Big Fundamental.

Griffin pretty much does something amazing in every game and he did not disappoint, with several big dunks including one that had TD just stepping out of the way instead of getting plowed through. 
The next morning after breakfast we headed out and strolled along the River Walk.
Mandatory family shot along the river,
The River Walk is pretty cool, with businesses opening right onto the walk on either side and some pretty cool modern architecture and lots of bridges and such.
After walk we headed to Sea World Park. Dylan has gotten in the habit of striking silly posses when his picture is being taken,
Though, here he looks a bit shocked and confused, measuring in for what rides he can go on. He made the yellow, 42" line.
While we did go on several roller coaster the whole point is the animal shows. So we made the dolphin show which was really cool with a lot of human acrobatics as well.
This was incredible. From what I could tell there was no safety line, the lady came out on the hoop and used the piece of fabric to do all sorts of stuff like this over the water,
Here is Dylan with some of the performers after the show was over,
While Linda and I rode all the bigger coasters, the kids had the most fun on the Shamu Express. Here Dylan and Cady ride in the front.
Linda bought a chocolate ice cream cone for the family to share that Dylan would not let go of with out major coaxing.
Later in the day we headed to the orca show with Shamu, at this point Dylan was getting pretty tired.
It is so impressive seeing what the huge animals can do.
Here, after the show, one of the trainers is working with an animal. It is blurred in this shot but she is holding a stuffed whale and using it to show the orca what she wants them to do, pretty cool. Of course, since the accident with Shamu, the trainers did not get in the water with the animals.
Big Snake
Candy cane trees with all the cousins, Dylan and Cady showing off their penguins.
Another family shot with Shamu Santa, a little weird really,
Christmas Mariachi??? These guys were at it all day, impressive.
The entrance at night.
After a long day we made the drive home to Austin with tired children and quiet cars.

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