Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disneyland Day 2

Day 2 at Disneyland started with a shorter walk to "Downtown" Disney and a ride on the monorail,
 After going on a Finding Nemo submarine ride Dylan got picked to participate in a Padowan training "class" to learn the Jedi arts.
 At some point one of the children up on stage had a breakdown and Dylan was move up, front and center,
After they were done with some training they each had to face off against Darth Vader, this is pretty hilarious as Dylan's lightsaber fails,
Next we headed for lunch in Mickey's Toontown where there are a bunch of playground like areas for the kids, 
 And of course a city hall since it is a "Town"
Eventually Pluto emerged from City Hall to greet his fans, most notably, Uncle Chris.
 The rain kicked up again in the afternoon and we spent some time cowering under an overhang around a food booth before all the "Big Kids" got to leave the little ones and go on the Star Tours "ride". Ride being generous in that it is more of a moving room that does not go anywhere and a big 3D screen. R2D2 was there,
 as was C3P0,
and us "Big Kids"
 It was pretty cool. Amazing how something that barely moves can feel so real.

Eventually the rain subsided and 
we headed to Disney California Adventure and headed to Radiator Springs. Really looks just like in the movie,
 There were some "stars" out to take pictures with,
And Mater has his own ride with Dylan and my parents enjoyed.

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