Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not so Terribly Late Christmas 2012 Post

For Christmas we headed to California to visit with my family. Amazingly, after 23.5 months my parents had finally moved back into their home, though it still needed some finishing touches and many things were still on boxes of in storage. I've made several post about my parents home and the changes it has gone through.

In other news, we got to meet Jack, the son of my cousin Chad and his wife Melanie. Not sure what his super power is but Jak Jak Attacks, everything goes in his mouth, naturally and he looks good with the turtle shell hat.
 We had a chance to visit with Jing and her family. Dylan really had a good time hanging out with Theo who is 8 and also loves LEGO. Jing and Scott being the extreme outdoor surgeons they are introduced us to URBAN SMORS, who needs a camp fire and cold to have a delicious squishy dessert?
 Dylan and Kailee thrilled to have the Christmas tree up.
 Christmas day, riding uncle Chris or is it Auntie Joy (Dylan used to call Chris and Joy Auntie Joy)
 After Christmas my mom used the grandkids as an excuse for her to go to Disneyland. So we ALL headed down south, my parents, Joy, Chris and Kailee, Chris's parents and us. Naturally the kids were thrilled, that includes Linda who had never been before. Dylan and Linda getting ready to get  on their first Disney ride.....It's a Small World.
 Marketing and sponsorship at its finest, Sylvania must have provided all the lighting.
 The small world boat ride was probably a good choice since it started raining, here Dylan and Linda trek past the Matterhorn,
We headed back to the hotel because the rain was getting to us. Then across the street for some lunch at Coco's, they had a guy making some pretty intricate balloon things, though all Dylan wanted was a sword,
 Linda and Dylan headed back in during the afternoon while everyone else napped and had a blast. Then the rest of us went back in for the night shift. It really is a different place at night,
and every night there are fireworks, we managed to watch them from between the two locations they were launching from, Kailee was a little spooked.
 More night time scenery,
 Well that was day one at Disney.

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