Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farewell Grandma, Great Grandma

This past weekend we headed to California to scatter my Grandmothers ashes. She passed shortly after Thanksgiving at the tender age of 93.

Dylan travels really well when he has someone to play with. We met this boy in the ABQ airport and Dylan asked to sit with him on the plane so he did, for the entire flight. Linda and I shared the next row back so we could keep an eye on him and make sure things did not get out of hand for Lucas's mom, though they really played well together and did not require much from any of the adults.
 Years ago my Grandfather, having served in the Navy (?) during WWII was scattered at sea, so naturally that is where Grandma wanted to be as well. One of my dad's friends, Uncle Steve (not really an uncle), who officiated Linda's and my wedding, lives on the water and has a nice 40+ foot sail boat that he was kind enough to take the family out on for the occasion.
 Dylan and Linda on the ride out.
 Captain Steve and my dad. Steve is busy holding the boat in position where Grandpa was scattered while my dad gives the eulogy.
 As you can see it was a bit foggy but not terribly cold. Uncle Nelson in the background with the flowers.
 Bidding a last farewell.
 Dylan scattering flower petals while being held by my cousin Tana.
 Dad and his brothers and sister.
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother,
You are missed...

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