Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming back from CA

As many of you know, my parents home got burned in January 2011. They finally got trusses put up and it is almost dried in, only took 15 months.
 I'm always impressed with the food in the Oakland airport. Tasty tacos from near gate 29?, I think.
 On Friday we had a Stone Cup competition in the evening. Linda was climbing and I was working so Dylan hung out with the gyms C-team as they were out slack lining in front go the gym.
 The next day we ran a USA Climbing SCS competition. Here Curran gives the competitor intro.
Dylan also had testing for his orange belt. He did not behave during most of it and refused to pay attention, so he did not get to upgrade, he will get another chance though this week, I think. Here though he gets to "fight" off Sensei Anna.
The laughing is because Anna had told the kids to punch her just above her belt and of course Dylan goes for the middle of the chest the first time.

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