Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Christmas

We've gotten busy lately. Dylan started soccer on Wednesday evenings to go along with karate 2 days a week after school.
 Linda did not get injured like myself and is in her "peak" for climbing. After finishing off the route at Socorro she moved on to Straight on Till Morning which she sent 2 weekends ago. It is just her second 5.12c ever, her first coming when we were on a 2 month road trip, so not bad results for one training cycle. She has since moved on to this route, Rubber Mission.
 I've been bolting a few things down at the tower as well. Most still need a bit more cleaning, though one is finished and I lead another on one bolt and a couple of sketchy cams, just to get it done, it could use about 4 more bolts.

So since Easter rolled around we decided it would be a good time to take down...
 Christmas decorations.

Linda dressed Dylan up for the day and was quite pleased with results.
 I took Dylan to the aquarium so Linda could have some quiet time to work on taxes. They were feeding the animals in the shark tank while wearing rabbit ears.
 Later on Sunday we had a nice dinner with the Eckstein family. Dylan loves all of them and the dogs.
Trinity, their daughter set up an Easter egg hunt for him and they repeated the hiding and finding several times.

On another note, this past weekend was Open Nationals for route climbing in Boulder, CO. Our local hard woman, Page Brown headed out and made finals.

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