Sunday, April 10, 2011

Images for Traveling and China Post #1

Walking along Venice Beach, lots of stuff for sale.
Wall mural in Dani's Deli, there food was really quite good and turned out to be about the last thing we have had that has not had noodles.
Linda and Dylan walking out to the ocean.
One of several local Kush Doctors where you to can walk in and get your exam and a therapeutic exemption for medical marijuana.
Dylan crashed out in LAX about 1 hour before our flight departed.
and continuing to sleep for about 7 more hours of the 13 hour flight.
Your local Dunkin' Donuts in the Seoul airport, of course I got a couple, need to feed the habit.
Dylan checking out the doll that he is going to be making.
Working on getting rice glue everywhere including where it needs to be.
Finishing up by putting the eyes and mouth on.
As you can see it was quite hazy on the day we landed which made things seem a bit more dreary than they actually are, this is the first large sculpture we saw as we neared the Dalian Development Zone or DDA.
Here is another with flags and some industrial smoke stacks for good measure.

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