Tuesday, April 26, 2011

China Post #7 Easter and a Bike Ride

This weekend was relatively laid back. On Saturday I managed to borrow a bike and get my first ride in in 5 weeks. I rode with a couple of guys that work for Goodyear out here and was on one of their wives bikes. It is odd riding on flat peddles but at least I brought riding short or the 40 miles would have been pretty uncomfortable. Riding out here is an adventure for sure. Drivers have no concern for others personal safety or space, you have to always be on guard. The first 5 km or so getting out of the main DDA area were pretty aggressive with cars and the last 10 km or so as well. However the bulk of the ride was pleasant on open roads with wide shoulders (which means nothing) and very little traffic (which does). The last 3 km or so was so grid locked that we were weaving between stopped cars the whole way or just getting on the sidewalk.

On Easter Sunday we headed out to a little Easter celebration arranged by some expats for the kids. They divided the kids into an older and younger group and had them basically do team scavenger hunts to find candy stashes around the area. Here is Dylan in the younger group getting their first clue.
And Dylan with Linda and Carrie (mom) and Abby moving between candy stashes. We rode out to the event with Carrie and family.
The grounds where the Easter event was held had some dinosaur statues and I could not help but to feed Dylan to the T-rex.
Naturally he enjoyed this one much more.
We were told to bring a baked good in the invite and decided it would be easier to just get a cake from our favorite bakery, Haute. Here is our chocolate Easter cake, pretty sweet looking and not too bad either.
In the afternoon Linda had scheduled us for a family photo session for us that she has wanted to do for a long time. I don't really like these things since they involve getting dressed up and acting like a trained seal, but I know there is some saying about a happy wife. Anyway, it took forever, about 3 hours and Dylan was getting to be pretty difficult by the end. Anything to keep him happy which included him jumping up and down on my back which I paid for the next day. I also had to make a run for food him and when I went into the mall I saw this wall tucked to the side of the entrance.
It is pretty tall, but obviously not open at this time. I've heard that it is open when it is warmer, I wonder how much it costs.

Here is Dylan being Dylan. I'm not sure what he was pretending the closet was but he was enjoying himself anyway.
We brought about 10 books from home for Dylan since he loves to read or be read too. One of the books is a Disney book about Donald using a "magic" stone to trick Goofy into inviting him to dinner. In the story, the stone makes soup. So here is Dylan making "Stone Soup".
And the finished product...delicious...Linda even cooked it a little for him.
Brad was one of the two guys that organized the Easter event and he set up the younger kids scavenger hunt. He wrote all the clues and this was his favorite.

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