Friday, April 15, 2011

China Post #4 Bathrooms

The Bathroom post.

I know that at least my mom will appreciate this one.

One of the easier thing to find out here is a bathroom. The universal sign is the one we all know and love, in addition it is one of the easier things to mime that you need...
In the mens room, urinals actually flush when you approach them, which made made me jump the first time, and again when you leave. On the other hand, one time when Dylan had to go and there was not a bathroom around we were directed to a drain out behind the building, nice.

Toilets, sometimes you get a regular one that we are used to in the US and other times there is a long trough with tread on either side for your feet. Another thing to consider is the TP situation. Many times there is not TP in the individual stalls but a large roll before you go in so you have to take what you are going to use with you. What happens if you need more?

Often times the sinks are in a shared area before you go into the men's or women's room.

Now onto something that everyone wants, this is a poor rendition of what I was serenaded by the last time I used a public restroom.

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