Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dylan's New Bed

Just finished building Dylan's new bed frame and getting it set up with a new mattress. He is now in a big boy bed.
He opted for the Thomas the Train sheets over Cars and Toy Story which was kind of a surprise. Hopefully all goes well and we are done with the crib and his Pack-and-Play.

Yesterday I finally started working on a coffee table that I've had the wood for the top for about 9 years. The wood is from a shelf in a house in Colorado Springs that we did a remodel on when I was working for Charlie Patterson Construction. The shelf had probably been built before 1900 since it was a built in and the house was from the 1880's? It is a nice piece of 4/4 oak and I could not bear to let it end up in the dumpster. Even though I sanded it pretty thoroughly it still retains some of the original coloring from the stain and the pin holes from where the backing was nailed on will be visible along one of the edges. My friend Pat Barr who runs a metal fabricating shop is building the base and I need to go by and get measurements for mounting the top tomorrow.

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