Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Photos

Here are Doug and his girl friend Halina, you will notice the tan, not black pants that Doug is sporting.
Brian and Lahla (sp?) manhandling Dylan
Dylan saying hello to his B-Day dessertand the reaction to trying it.

Fall colors at the New River Gorge.

The New River Gorge bridge, the longest span single arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere, so they claim, 1700+ foot arch length. One day a year they close the bridge to traffic and let people walk out on it and base jump off and other such activities, thankfully this was the day before we arrived.Your choice of tasty local beverages when you are in Kentucky, Ale-8-one is basically ginger ale and not too bad, the beer, well I don't know about that.

Desperatly trying to up load images and the WiFi connection is terrible

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  1. ah, Ky in the fall, the best time to visit for sure :) looks like you all had a fun trip! That is SO fun that Marty and Ken ran into you down there and you made the connection with us. what a small world! What a fun time to celebrate Dylan's first bday too! how cute. I miss that little guy. we are so excited to adda little one to our family. We'll find out what it is next month. We'll kep you posted! I hope we get to visit ABQ sometime, we would love to see you guys and the other gym rats too! How is everyone doing? well, Kyle is giving me a hard time about writing a book, so I'll say bye now :) keep in touch! I'm glad I found your blog! kisses and hugs to Linda and Dylan!