Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dylan is SICK

So I'm sitting in the hotel room with Dylan while Linda is out climbing with Chris, which of course is what Linda was doing yesterday while I was out climbing.

Our last day at the Red Dylan was not himself, he just wanted to be held and that was pretty much it, so we called it a day quite early and headed back to the cabin so he could rest, this was Saturday. The next day we packed up and said good bye to Doug and Halina from Chicago and headed out to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. All Dylan did during the whole drive was to sleep. He had a tempurature of 103 as some point, I don't recall exactly when. We checked into our cabin out here and while it was in a bueatiful canyon with a creek nearby it was also old and quite drafty with only a fireplace for heat, so we checked out possibly loosing a $250 deposit and headed to town for a warmer place to stay. While I was checking with the first hotel we came to, Linda came charging in and reported that Dylan's temp had gone up to 105, (now Linda had him in the car asleep wrapped in a down jacket which I think played a roll in his temp being so high) so we headed to the emergency room in Oak Hill which is the closest hospital. We spent the next 3-4 hours in the hospital while they ran tests, took blood and put Dylan on an IV with some antibiotics.

So he does not have the flu, nor strep throut or an ear infection. It is likely just a bug that he needs to work through to get better. OH and the hospital was getting his temp at 103, not quite as scarry as 105.

Now it is Tuesday and he seems to be down around 100-101 which is good but still ery sluggish he has been napping for more than 3 hours already and is making no effort towards getting up. So we shall see.

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