Sunday, October 25, 2009

Funny Video

Well, since we have been terrible about taking pictures on this trip, here is a funny clip of Dylan and one of his favoite foods.

What happens when he dose not get it fast enough and how happy he is when he has it. Guess what it is...

If you guessed BACON, you win, not that Linda is exactly proud of the fact that Dylan is all about BACON.

Dylan got over his fever after a few days and by the end of the week he was back to hanging out at the crag while we climbed with Chris.

Towards the end of our stay at the Red, Doug and Halina made it out from Chicago. Even though the weather was terrible and everyone that was going to come down with them bailed, they still made the trip to meet Dylan and see us. We had not seen Doug in at least 5 years so it was good to see him. For those of you that know Doug there is big news, both Linda and I made the same first comment upon seeing him, he wasa wearing pants...that were not black!!! Still had the black shirt and jacket though.

After the week at the New River Gorge in West Virginia with Chris we headed to Pikeville, KY. A friend of mine from college, Brian Sohn lives and teaches HS there. We got to see his house that he's been in for a few years and meet his fiance. We also go to enjoy some of his great cooking.

Right now we are in a hotel room in Louisville getting repacked so that Linda and Dylan are ready for their flight to Austin, TX tomorrow morning. They are both looking forward to seeing Linda's mom and all the cousins.

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  1. haha! I remember all the comments you and Tim always made to me about bacon. :) "you need to eat more bacon," Tim would say, and then you would add, "yeah, bacon grease lubricates your joints." HA! I miss you guys and everyone else at the gym! good times...that is so cute that Dylan loves bacon so much :)