Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween week in Utah

 We headed to Utah for the week of Halloween. The purpose was to visit our friends Walt and Sarah along with their new son Michael,
 They just moved to UT from Boulder CO for Sarah's work. Walt who builds bikes for a living has a nice new shop for his company Waltworks. We went bouldering one afternoon with Walt, up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was the first time I'd been there not it July or August and the cooler temperatures made a couple of things that I'd previously tried feel easy. The next day Walt and I went for a short ride in the Wasatch foothills. I got to ride his sweet full suspension 29er that he built about a year ago. We headed up Dry gulch and came down Bobsled which was super fun, like riding down a half pipe.

After that we headed to Maple Canyon to meet up with Mark and Kate Anderson and their son Logan. We stayed at the Red Apple Cottage in Fountain Green just outside of Maple. Here are Dylan and Logan sitting in front of the cottage on halloween evening.
There is an upstairs loft in the cottage with a couple of nooks for beds, Dylan slept in one and both kids used the play area up there.
It was great having a kitchen to cook in and a warm place to hang out in the evenings.
The weather for climbing was great but the nights were cold.

We were not sure what to do for trick or treating for the kids until someone told us to head to the city park, just a block away. Here is Dylan in his ghost costume of the 3rd year in a row, with Linda getting to the park.
 Turns out that in Fountain Green everyone drive to the park and the cars line up a log one edge and you do you trick or treating from car trunk to car trunk, very efficient.
 Not to be left out, the adults ordered some sweets from Kristie, a local baker, YUM.
 On our last day, Steve and his son Sam, from Lander WY met up with us. Here Linda is stalking little boys.
 Most of the trees had already lost their leaves, but a few still had some.
 Climbing shots to come later.

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