Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Basin State Park

After spending the night at the Davenport Roadhouse, we had a nice breakfast in their restaurant. Linda tried something new, wheat berries, kind of interesting, crunchy. Then we collected our leftovers from their refrigerator and headed off to Big Basin State Park to see some HUGE redwoods. After the long hike the day before for Dylan we decided to start out with a short loop, though it turned out to be longer than we were told. Here Linda and Dylan are dwarfed by some large trees. 
 Moss and lichen enjoy their own climate on the north side of the trees.
 Crazy bark, I can't help but think about climbing holds when I see stuff like this.
 Dylan and I in front of another tree.
 Looking up through the "Chimney Tree", the entire center is burned out and yet it is still alive and growing.
 The tallest tree in the park, the "Mother of the Forest", of course the widest is called the "Father"
It is always so impressive to be in a true old growth area with the enormous trees towering above you.

Dylan did catch himself...

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