Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Full Day In France

The Holiday Inn we are staying at is pretty nice. The rooms are small but the breakfast is great, especially the chocolate croissants. There are controllers for the air conditioning which I thought was on when we arrived yesterday, but it would not work at night, apparently the system is just being put in and will not be done till next week. The community is very welcoming and people ask if we are here for the event.

Today we spent most of our time with a few other riders from the US that are staying at the same hotel, Craig and Lori from different parts of CA who ride a tandem together on some events and Jim from Pittsburg. Craig has ridden PBP 3 times, Lori and Jim once each, last year in the rain.

After lunch we headed to the start area to make sure we knew where it was and could find it without much trouble when we needed to for bike check on Saturday and to get to the start on time. Here is the sign over the entrance taken of Lori.
In the morning we headed out to find the bike shop and while Craig and Lori had been there before we started out going the wrong way from the hotel and rode in a circle for awhile before putting the start town into Jim's GPS and heading off in the right direction. Once in the town we followed Craig and Lori to the shop. Here we are in front with Craig and one of the shop employees, Lori behind the camera.
Jim knew of an easy way to walk to the main shopping and eating area so we all followed him out later to get some diner. On the way we passed this custom t-shirt shop.
We all ate at an Italian restaurant together. Dad and I both got a fish dish that came with eggplant lasagna and BACON wrapped asparagus, YUM.
For lunch we just got the ubiquitous baguette sandwiches that you can get anywhere in France. So we managed to get a bit of riding in, more than we had planned, today and eat some pretty good food as well. Tomorrow, I think we are going to try to go to Versailles.

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