Saturday, July 2, 2011

China Post #38 Photos for #37

Here is what we were greeted by when we got to the Dalian airport.
Crowds of people waiting to even be allowed to check in, some were apparently getting belligerent.
More crowds around the gates waiting to board buses to the planes.
The pathetic excuse for fog that caused all the delay.
The flight we were on was supposed to leave at 8am and eventually left at 6:45pm, I don't think our flight ever left since it was scheduled for 4 and a half hours later.

In the Shanghai Pudong airport there is a series of sculptures that we went past on our way to our flight to Guilin this afternoon. Dylan quite liked them.
Not sure what was on the computer but it seems interesting.
And rushing to the gate to make their flight on time.
Releasing the Shanghai haze into the plane prior to take off, it is probably cool humidified air.
The ubiquitous Chinese construction with a back drop of limestone karst peaks.
The motor scooter is more popular than the car here in Guilin.
Saw a few of these things around. Not sure what they are, kind of like a small tractor with a flat bed put on for cargo. None of them had hoods.
Linda's parents with Gin Papa and Mama at dinner after arriving in Guilin.
Here is Dylan running along through the Shanghai airport.

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