Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoo, Lasik and New Furniture

On Monday Dylan and I went to the zoo to enjoy the great weather. For the first time he really enjoyed the play structure they have there. Here he is walking a suspended bridge with vertical supports. The slide was a hit as well, it would send him rocketing off the end across the floor.
It was Valentines day so the polar bears got frozen hearts with 2 fish in each that they were chowing down on.
So as many of you know I got Lasik about 5 weeks ago. It is pretty incredible though I still try to take my glasses off before I go to bed or get in the shower, wonder how long it is going to take to break those habits? So we have "new" (they are actually about 8 years old for me) Oakley's and "old" Oakley's.
Finally used a piece of wood that I've had for about 10 years after pulling it from a 100+ year old house in Colorado Springs. I think the coffee table turned out pretty nice, the base again is courtesy of our friend Pat Barr of Specialty Manufacturing, a radio tower and welding company, but they can do pretty much anything with metal.
Of course Dylan thought that maybe it would make a better bed than the one I built him at the end of last year so he could move out of his crib/day bed.

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