Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dylan preparing to help out Popo and YeahYeah

So my parents are in a rented house for apparently 9 months to a year as their home gets completely ripped up and redone because of fire and smoke damage. Here are some images from my dad as to what the house looked like after the fire next door and one of next door.

Dylan is getting in the spirit and working on his building skills so he can try to help out with the reconstruction. Here is a video of him explaining his building and the party that is going to happen.

OK the blog is being a pain and refusing the video, maybe it is too long.

I'm headed off to Arizona again this weekend with Chris E. to do the 300km brevet. The 300 has some really pretty roads through saguaro cactus forest and coming out of the Tucson area over Gates Pass, which is a mountain biking area. Who knows, maybe we will run into Walt's friends, Eric and Natalie again, maybe Eric's fork will be painted this time...Walt.

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