Sunday, June 20, 2010

HI, Iron Horse, Durango, Swinging on Ropes

We've been busy lately. In May we had a Regional competition at the gym for the youth kids from NM and CO. Which was right after heading to Hawaii for another of my cousins weddings, this time Melissa. Now all of Uncle Ken and Uncle Calvin's kids are married off so now it is up to my mom's youngest brother to start marrying off his kids to give us continued reasons to head to the islands. Here is a shot of Melissa and her husband Mark.
Before the wedding we headed to the big island with my parents and spent a few days around Kona. Here Dylan is enjoying the view of an active crater in Volcanos NP with my dad for support.
On another day we headed out on a boat to do a snorkeling trip. I have to say that the snorkeling off of Maui is far better.
W also rented bikes and went for a ride on day. Very pretty riding the far end of the Kona ironman course and looping around through the Kahala mountains at the northern tip of the island.

See Terrible Rental Experience.

After our trip which included 6 different days with some flying and the wedding in a 10 day period we all needed a vacation, so here is Dylan relaxing with a book.
At the end of May We joined Lance and his fiance Sarah in Durango, CO for a weekend with some bouldering and to do the Iron Horse bike race, which Chris and Joanna also did. The race went pretty well for the 3 of us rock climbers, Chris finished 11th, Lance 30th and I 20th in the Cat 4/5 race with about 120 racers. The next couple of days we did some bouldering at Sailing Hawks and Turtle Lake which are pretty spots. We ran into a group from an ABQ bike shop, Fixed & Free at Turtle Lake and climbed with them for a bit. Dylan took a liking to this girl and her little dog. I think he looks pretty humorous with his dirt mustache.
In the last couple of months we've been taking a harness for Dylan with us to the crags. He loves to be hoisted up and just swing. He could spend all day dangling from the rope.
But alas the fun must come to an end so others can climb and Dylan likes to take a rest on the rope.
On another note,

My parents are 2 weeks into their cross country bike ride and in the middle of Montana. What am I supposed to make of this?

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